#02 The Future Of Ink: The Raw Color Code

The Raw Color Code (RawCc) is a tool that allows tattoo artists to use color tattoo ink in ways that were impossible before.

The RawCc is meant to inspire greater creativity by combining ease of use and accessibility, with true practical application.

This will allow newer artists to learn and get better much faster, while still allowing advanced artists to excel and bring their artwork to new heights. 

The Raw Color Code (RawCc) is a tool that allows tattoo artists to quickly understand more about the Raw Premium Pigments color ink line.  Each color now has a unique Raw Color Code which will allow artists to use color tattoo ink in ways that were impossible before.

Infographic about Raw Color Code letter and syntax

How it works: The Raw Color Code

The RawCc starts with the Main Hue or Color Type [one or two letters] followed by the color’s hue subgroup number [1 or 2], called it’s Mixing Group; The second number represents the color’s Value as either Bright [1-3], Medium [4-6], or Deep [7-9].  This allows a quick glance to get any color’s hue/type, which way the color is leaning, and how light or dark the color is. 

The new RawCc Posters (digital and printed) show the artist these 3 color aspects in three different patterns:  a new RawCc Color Wheel, a Value Grid and 27 selectable Swatch Stacks. 

All three patterns feature the same color accurate swatches which match the Raw Premium Pigments ink line.  We believe the RawCc is an invaluable tool that artists will quickly benefit from using while creating body art.

Banner for the RawCc Lookup which is a quick ass color theory directly

How to use it: The RawCc Lookup

The RawCc Lookup is a quick access color theory and mixing directory, with detailed information and mixing suggestions, for all RawCc Hue Groups, Mixing Groups, and individual colors. We plan to have it grow with us, creating the first tattoo ink line w/ it’s own unique color theory and mixing directory.

The theories and mixing strategies found in The RawCc are applied from the WynnColor education courses. By combining the two, it’s easy to jump from mixing the 23 colors in the WynnColor set, to understanding the full RawCc ink line all works and mixes together.

But there are endless ways and styles that the RawCc can be applied to.

As a result, the RawCc digital and printed references can be universally useful to every artist, at every level. Having the colors coded, is like having your own color coach at the ready.

Essentially, by choosing Raw and WCS, you’ve got a Tattoo Pigments and Tattoo Tech-Education company always in your corner, ready to help on each tattoo.

Image shows the 3 different parts of the RawCc code:mHue, Mixing Green

Ink With Value: Bright, Medium and Deep.

In the WynnColor system we focus on achieving a consistent 5 levels of values in our tattoo work. More can be used, but we stick with 5 because it’s the most accessible way to mimic all 6 properties of light. Lots of tattoo artist are familiar with using 5 value wash system already, so that seemed like the best fit.

These values of light: Black/Dark/Middle/Light/Highlight are achieved by mixing ink. The values in the RawCc inks are not the same thing as these 5 light values.

The RawCc shows the unmixed value of the ink out of the bottle. So we’ve labeled them differently: Deep, Medium, and Bright.

It’s suggested that Deep colors mix into great shadows (Black & Dark Values). Medium colors are more versatile and can be used for everything to some extent. And Bright values are the lightest, so we like to use them for our forms (Middle/Light/Highlight values).

Colors By Hue Group

Each RawCc Hue Group contains between 2 and 9 bottles of ink, representing the 12 sections of our color wheel. You can find main complementary colors to mix with each group on the Wynn Wheel & the RawCc Color Wheel. The RawCc lookup gives some thoughts on the interactions and mood of each Hue Group as a whole. This helps tie the Mixing Groups into a more general understanding of the whole color wheel.

Here we see the Wynn Wheel for WCS, and the Raw Color Code Wheel or RawCc Wherl

Colors By Mixing Group

Each RawCc Mixing Group contains the colors most similar in HUE, but in a smaller section of the wheel, leaning towards one of the primary colors. These 23 hues are the same ones learned about in the WynnColor System.

So instead of a single ink representing each hue, we have a whole Mixing Group which works and mixes the same way. Thus gives us 88 beautiful premixed colors that can be easily mixed together or used right out of the bottle without any fear. The same 23 hues are in the WynnColor Procreate Palette 5-Pack, and on The Wynn Wheel.

By using the same 23 color groupings throughout the full scope of the color system, it all works seamlessly together. Thus allowing newer artists to learn and get better much faster, while still allowing advanced artists to excel and bring their artwork to the next level. Each Mixing Group is explained in depth in The RawCc Lookup color theory directory.

Individual Color

So each RawCc shows the colors Hue Group, Mixing Group & Starting Value.  

Additional information on each colors saturation, mood, wheel position, and mixing characteristics in depth in the RawCc Lookup mixing group descriptions.

A brief description is also found on all ink bottle product images.

This is dope af!

We think so too! Raw Premium Pigments and WynnColor Systems have created a one-of-a-kind color system, from scratch, to make learning and tattooing in color more reliable, faster, practical, applied, easier, and much more fun.

The future of ink has arrived; Ink with real value.

We achieved our goal of making mixing color much more accessible and easier to learn to work with.  We are stoked to now share it with tattoo artists all over the world.

We are most excited for what comes next: The Tattoos!